Sigma+ is a web-based front-end for merging different types of networks for the purpose of detecting illicit chemical trafficking activity.
ROLES: UX Design & Visual Design
PROBLEM: Analysts need to be able to explore network overlaps to determine where threats are, and where sensors are needed. There are a finite number of sensors which need to be placed according to need and severity of threat.
As a first step, analysts can view various networks as layers on a geographic map. Network alignment is a costly process, so overlaying networks to eyeball co-located nodes allows the analyst to quickly and inexpensively determine which networks they would like to utilize in later steps.
Once the networks are aligned, the analyst needs to explore and analyze threats. Toggling networks will change the confidence / threat score of each supernode, allowing the analyst to investigate which networks and nodes are contributing to the threat.
The analyst can also search for specific queries / signatures within the aligned network. In this demo system only a few default queries are available.
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