SafeScroll is a Twitter hackathon project completed in 2022. I was sole designer, providing high fidelity mockups, interactive Figma prototype, presentation artifacts and stakeholder presentation.
background & problem
Twitter customers want to use the platform to stay informed and entertained without compromising their mental health. They often find themselves ‘doomscrolling’ — binging on doom-and-gloom news — or over-scrolling — spending too much time mindlessly scrolling through content — to the point that it affects their productivity and mental wellbeing. They want to feel in control of their consumption habits and Twitter can help empower customers to do this.
The wellbeing of our customers will improve if they take a break from scrolling endlessly on the home timeline and Explore.
Notifying customers that they have been scrolling for a long time will help them manage their consumption habits.
Customers will have a more positive experience on the platform if they are prompted to consider the amount of time they spend scrolling.
feature highlight / digital wellbeing settings
Many of the basic / MVP SafeScroll features focus on injecting content into the user's timeline. I proposed giving the user an entire surface in settings for controlling their own digital wellbeing on Twitter using various usage metrics and custom reminders.
global reach
Twitter users live and scroll all over the globe. I worked with our international teams to translate the designs into multiple languages for our biggest markets.
all devices
Most Twitter users scroll on the Twitter app, but we wanted to make sure this feature would be useful across all of our many surfaces. Web gets the same love that mobile does.
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