Indigo Jamis is a demo web-based application showcasing analytic capabilities for predicting and investigating viral videos.​​​​​​​
For the Indigo Jamis project, analytic capabilities and requirements were provided by the project manager. The main goal of the interface is to demo analytic capabilities to a potential client.
ROLES: UX Design & Visual Design
PROBLEM: Bring cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning video analytics to users in a web-based interface.

The first mockups for Indigo Jamis featured a custom search query box and visual representations for the underlying analytics. I found this version uncompelling, with not enough emphasis on the analytic aspects. After critique with the UX team I redesigned and moved on to V1.
V1 of the Indigo Jamis mockups again include grid, list, and single item views. 
Each video card exposes the predicted virality, views, and content analytics. In this version the analytics are easily available at a glance. Hovering over the video thumbnail cycles through important video frames. Other metadata such as poster, upload date and video length are also included.
The main application includes custom query and bookmarking functionality. A user may search for something completely new, or see updates to queries of interest.
This video shows Indigo Jamis functionality in the live demo dev version.
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