Alien Alphabet
For a week I collected data on "candy" consumed. I decided that the tea I drink (and add sugary creamer to) also counts as candy. 
I noticed that my tea cup occasionally leaves rings where it's placed, which inspired this visualization. The tea trails also taper off as the caffeine in the tea wears off, leading me to drink more of it.
Tapestry of Niceness
During this week I recorded compliments given and received.
My first idea for this visualization was a prism; suggesting that compliments given, as light into the prism, are refracted into colorful compliments out. Instead I ended up visualizing this data as a woven tapestry, much like the intertwined lives we lead.
Mostly I wanted to play with my watercolor markers and see how they reacted when overlapped!
Fbombs Away
This week I kept track of laughs and other emotional reactions.
It wasn't the best week ever, with two days that were rather lacking in laughs, including one day in which I only recorded a giant F-bomb. It happens -- that's life. I do still laugh even now about 'the moon'.
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