The Bonneville Power Administration Technology Innovation project suggested, developed, and presented custom visualizations for hydro-electric power observation and management.
ROLES: UX Design & Visual Design
PROBLEM: The current visualizations used in control rooms for hydro-electric power observation and management do not adhere to standard visualization principles.
My proposed solution suggested and visualizations and interaction metaphors, in line with current visualization and interaction science, that meet client needs. These mockups were for a preliminary proposal to the client and do not explore all possible functionality.
The inbox metaphor is ubiquitous and thus an easy solution to the task at hand. Operators need to monitor current values for outliers so that they can adjust generation goals for the future.
Depending on the datatype, a basepoint can be a single value or range. Single value basepoints have expected variance, and a value outside of this variance will alert the operator. Other values have expected ranges, and values above or below these ranges will alert the operator.
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